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Work From Home – 3 Reasons Day Jobs Are For Suckers

You get up early every morning, make your long commute to work, sit in a cubicle all day breathing recycled air. Your boss is a jerk, you don’t like your co-workers, and you are bored with the same old thing. Why are you still there? Sure, jobs are scarce, all the more reason to leave the rat race. Let some other poor schmuck have that crumby job. You are perfectly capable of earning that money working from home. And it’s easier than ever to make a fortune online.

Here are the three biggest reasons that your day job is holding you back:

  1. You are selling something of very limited supply at a bargain price. That something is your time. Why in the world do you nearly give away your most limited commodity when you could be leveraging it to make many times what you make at your day job? There are ways of making money online that will have the hours you spend working for yourself pay you for months to come. There are also ways to make money online to use other peoples’ time to help you make more money. When you start an online business you end up selling results. When you sell results it doesn’t matter if you are sick or injured, you can still have results.
  2. You are risking your health to line your employers’ pockets. Depending on your job you could be risking your health or your longevity by going to work every day. Unless you have a gym membership, if you sit in a cubicle all day you are probably leading a sedentary lifestyle and increasing your chance of health problems in the future. If you work outdoors, possibly in construction, you risk life and limb for a developer who pays you slightly more than minimum wage. Finally, if you commute, the longer you stay on the road the more likely you will end up in a car accident and most people who commute aren’t even being paid for it.
  3. You lose time with your loved ones. When you work for someone else they get to determine when you get to spend time with your family. Sure, you can decide what vacation days you get, but you don’t decide how many vacation days you get. When you work from home, as long as you get results you can take all the vacation you want. All your family time depends on your own commitment to them when you work for yourself. Doesn’t that sound more satisfying than begging your boss to let you see your kids?

So quit your day job and start being a success. In general employers want to be successes; they don’t care about your wealth, health, or personal life. Stop helping them and start helping yourself. All of this is a choice. Everyone can choose to keep their day job, or they can choose to make a change for the better. Now it is time for you to choose.

Source by Thomas M Howell

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