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Uranian Astrology Horoscope Forecast For Early May

There once was a time that we looked at the transits searching for good days to begin a new business or buy a house or car, and found a few days that would work superbly. Now we wake up in the morning look at the transits and wish we could go back to bed and leave a wakeup call for when the transits improve. In other words, the transits are more than difficult and do not look like they are getting better soon. Hopefully they will improve in our lifetime.

May begins with a Saturn at the midpoint of Hades and Uranus and ends with Saturn going direct square Hades as Uranus at 0 Aries. If you thought things were crazy and unstable before, hold on to your hats as Uranus comes to the cardinal axis, to be followed by Jupiter. Saturn will be back on the cardinal axis to be followed by Hades. For this reason it is not easy for me to write my monthly forecasts, but I will try.

May 1st, otherwise known as May Day, finds transiting Sun midpoint Mars and Poseidon, and Jupiter and Hades, Saturn. Meaning: the handwriting is on the wall and it is not good. It is time to think about your life seriously, and stop living day-to-day, in the hopes that everything will take care of itself. Node + Neptune = Mercury. Be careful of who you trust with your new ideas or other secrets. The times we live in may cause some of your associates, neighbors and or friends to be deceptive. Stay home and do the laundry. Do not drive if you can help it since Mars will be squaring the Mercury station retrograde degree, and road or car problems can occur with this planetary picture.

May 2nd. On this day 0 cardinal + Apollon = Mercury. It’s a day for small talk, wine, munchies, and music rules the day. Remember, nothing big. Invite a few friends and/or associates and enjoy the day. On another level, Mars will be making a 45 aspect on the 90-degree dial to Saturn and Hades. Mars, Saturn and Hades together spell trouble in a big way, so stay away from anything dangerous. If you having a problem with anything mechanical do not tackle it yourself, get an expert to fix it.

On Monday, May 3rd, we have a mixed bag of tricks. First, Sun + Mars = Hades, then Saturn, Uranus and 0 cardinal indicating work problems and frustrations. This planetary combo can herald the death of a known personality who is old or has a health problem. At the same time, Venus will be 45 to Vulcanus, and love is in the air for the young and young at heart. Stay away from those who are verbally aggressive, as Mercury will be making a 22 ½ to Zeus, and things can get out of hand.

May 4th will have Sun square Mars and both will be 45 to Uranus, and Uranus will be midpoint Hades and 0 cardinal, a highly volatile day where anything can occur. On the financial front, the news can be appositive as Mercury + the cardinal axis = Jupiter, and Venus will be 45 to Apollon.

May 5th, the Sun will be on the cardinal axis as Mars will be midpoint Uranus and the cardinal axis. A major event can occur suddenly on this day and it could turn things topsy-turvy. On a lighter note, Venus will be 22 ½ to Pluto and Venus + Jupiter = Mercury, and Jupiter + Pluto = 0 cardinal. The financial picture looks rosy on that day. However, I must warn you that the gains of the day can be lost if you are not careful because 0 cardinal + Saturn = Uranus.

May 6th will be another day with a full bag of tricks. Beginning with Jupiter + Kronos = 0 cardinal, assertiveness can pay off big. BUT — and I mean but with a capital B — as Sun + Uranus = 0 cardinal, it can be a day in which something can suddenly occur that can create unexpected tension out in the world. This formula can potentially indicate an earthquake (though it could be something else unknown).

May 7th. The day begins with Saturn + Pluto = Sun, and if not careful, all the gains of the past two days can be lost on this day. Sun + Venus = Mercury + Uranus, and the week ends with some unsettling news about the global financial picture, so try to relax and unwind with some friends after work.

Saturday, May 8th, will be a day to enjoy yourself in the company of those you care about, as we will be experiencing a Sun + Moons Nodes = Venus. On the other hand don’t be gluttonous as Sun + Pluto = Apollon take charge.

Sunday, May 9th. Happy Mother’s Day! It’s a regal day as the Sun + Kronos = Apollon, and Mercury will be 22 ½ to Venus. Many will be watching to see what President Obama will be doing for his wife and mother-in-law to celebrate Mother’s Day, and follow suit. There will be a major expression of love and joy.

Back to the coal-mines on Monday May 10th. I think the fun will be over as Jupiter + Saturn = Venus + Pluto and the Sun will be making a sesquiquadrate to Pluto. This is a day to be very careful financially. The planetary picture of the day spells financial losses, especially for those who are overextended credit-wise.

May 11th, Saturn, Hades + Neptune = Sun, a day of feeling like you are in a rut and can’t fight your way out of a paper bag. Uranus + Pluto = Mars, and for those who are looking to change jobs today you will be able to get the ball rolling as Mercury is getting ready to go direct.

On Wednesday, May 12th, we will finally see Mercury go direct, but this does not mean everything will be right with the world. Saturn will be midpoint Venus and Pluto and Jupiter and the cardinal axis. As I had said many times before, when Saturn is involved with money planets like Venus, Jupiter and Pluto, the financial picture is not good. But at least you will be getting your mail with Mercury direct, and you can sign that new lease if you can afford it.

Thursday, May 13th, Saturn will be midpoint Jupiter and Kronos, and Sun + Mercury = Saturn. We may hear some news that can lead to the downfall of a corporate head or political leader due to some shady financial dealings. On this day, some scandalous news may be hitting the air waves. At 9:04 PM (EST) there will be a New Moon at 23 Taurus 09, and it will be midpoint Mars and Neptune. Many may wake up with no energy and wanting to take a long weekend.

Friday May 14th, Sun + Mercury = Saturn, as Venus + Pluto = Uranus, and Venus + Uranus = Jupiter. Today there could be some very bad news due to the unstable financial markets. In addition, Sun + Mars = Saturn, Uranus + Moon’s Nodes. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into an argument with a significant other. If you do, there could be a nasty break up. Stay cool today not matter what.

Saturday, May 15th, will be yet another day to watch your money as Jupiter will be midpoint Venus and Saturn. Take this day to focus on your plan, as Mercury will be 22 ½ to Admetos. It is a day of deep thinking and little talk. Pay attention to the little things. If you have a garden get your hands dirty in it, if you do not have a garden go to the park sit under a tree and read a book.

Source by Arlene Nimark

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