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Uranian Astrology Forecast, Part 1

August begins with Venus 0° Cancer, the Cardinal axis. As a result, a sense of comfort prevails at the moment. People want to party because the summer is half over, and they feel they have to make the most of summer time left. On Sunday the 2nd of August, Venus will be midpoint=2 0Sun and Jupiter. SU+JU=VE translates into a fortunate, happy, comfortable and a lucky day. Some could be walking around starry eyed and in love. You could feel so good that you might miss a booby trap and then do something you will regret later, like spending money you shouldn’t.

Next we have Monday the 3rd and it’s back to work. Venus is conjunct the US Venus. On the financial front, this appears to be optimistic. But remember, Venus moves quickly, much quicker than the Sun, so this is a quick fix. And we know that quick fixes do not last for very long. It’s a day of strange moods and occurrences, and since the Sun is making a sesquaquadrid to Uranus, these events can’t be trusted. Remember, it is two days before the lunar eclipse, the last eclipse in a three eclipse series. Also on this day, Mercury+ 0 Cardinal=Mars. This picture also includes Hades and Pluto. Pluto+Hades=0 Cardinal. Verbal as well as hand-to-hand confrontations about money and power, or both, can occur at the drop of a hat. If you want to jump into the stock market, because you think the recession is over, make darn sure you know what you are doing. If you do not know when to get in or out, it is very risky and could be financially dangerous. Avoid driving if angry and don’t allow yourself to be baited by another driver. There is an accident-prone planetary picture in place on the 3rd and 4th, Mar+Uranus =Saturn, and an accident could be fatal.

On the 4th Venus+Satrurn=Uranus. This indicates a sudden financial disruption, or in other words, the risk of being separated from your money due to an unforeseen expense or an investment choice. Put off discussing money situations until Friday at the soonest. Mars begins the day 22 1/2° to Jupiter. On one hand it could be fortunate activities, on the other it could be overactive energies that can lead to a fight. Then we have Uranus+Hades=Sun. Be careful today, danger is lurking in the shadows. SU=HA/UR shows a day of sudden unexpected dangers, or problems. The days ends with Mercury making a 22 1/2° aspect to the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto. I expect the stock market to close down on the 4th.

We finally arrive to the 5th, the day of the lunar eclipse. The day begins with Hades at the midpoint of the Aries axis and the Sun axis, and Mercury is 22 1/2° to Uranus. On a positive level ME/UR is new ideas and creative thinking. On the negative side, it is scattered thoughts and communications, flitting from one to another without follow though. Now we come to the big event, the evening lunar eclipse exactly semi-square Hades, a disagreeable and sad evening that goes into the following morning. But for the evening, I suggest you go out and enjoy nature’s show. Mars will be 22 1/2° to the midpoint of Jupiter/ Neptune, so get some popcorn, beer, or cheese and crackers, and wine, lay down on a blanket or sit in a chair and watch the eclipse.

The fol lowing morning of the 6th, the Sun will be semi – square Hades — not a very positive day unless you are a gathering trash, a saint or a senator pushing the new health care bill. Hidden dangers lurk in the shadows. Keep your eyes and ears open, Mercury+Hades=Mars. Acts of abuse, verbal as well as physical can occur, or you can be witness to a crime. Watch your possessions, and lock your car and door before bedding down for the evening. The day ends with Jupiter+Saturn=Mercury. The stock market should close down, and the optimism goes out of the sails.

On Friday the 7th, early in the day Mercury and Venus will be sextile to each other, indicating pleasant communications. With Mercury 7 1/2° mutable and midpoint Sun/cardinal axis, there will be much news about many things. Then Sun at 15° of fixed is midpoint Pluto/Hades, and health care, infections and allergies should be a main topic of the day. People should be careful of food poisoning. If something does not taste right, don’t even swallow it. Mars+Saturn=Admetos. This heralds the beginning of a very sad time. Job losses are still occurring. Mercury ends the day midpoint Jupiter and the Saturn, Uranus midpoint, as Venus+Saturn=Hades, at the same time Venus will be sesquaquadrad to Jupiter. Some will be making a financial killing as many more will feel impoverished. There is a major fly in the financial ointment.

The weekend is here and time for fun, as long as the fun does not cost much money. Today Venus + Saturn =0 cardinal. The money picture is not too good, and the message is to economize. This planetary picture holds for Saturday and Sunday, August 8th and 9th. On the 9th we will experience Mercury + Pluto = Saturn, and the reality of your own, or your friends and family’s money situations or problems comes to the foreground. For some of you the problem may not be money but an unresolved situation that rears its head. Venus will be sasquaquadrate to Neptune, and since it is summer and Sunday, some will take a page from Scarlett O’Hara, by saying “I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

Monday the 10th finds us dealing with a Mars Saturn square, this means fun, fun and more fun, translated into frustration, and more frustration. Mercury + 0 Cardinal/Pluto = Mars, Saturn. Bad financial news making everyone aware that the recovery that was promised has really not arrived. At the same time Venus will semi – square Admetos. Do not give your significant other an ultimatum or you will end up alone. With Mars ( male) and Saturn, plus Venus (female) Admetos, try to ride out this rough period.

The 11th has Sun + Neptune = Jupiter — a sense that things are better than they really are. This planetary picture gives people a false sense of optimism. On that day the Venus axis will be creating a planetary picture of Venus + Jupiter = Neptune, the financial picture is not as rosy as it appears . Count your change, review any and all receipts. This is a perfect picture for misleading and deceptive financial dealings. Keep in mind that Mars is still squaring Saturn (frustration), and these two planets are moving toward Uranus, indicating instability and sudden changes and events.

Wednesday August 12th, we will be experiencing Sun + Mars, Saturn = Jupiter, and financial situations will be laced with intense frustrations. In other words, today is not a good stock market day — and watch your spending. It is a good day to start to keep a record of your spending if you haven’t started already. The day ends with Hades + Zeus = Sun, Kronos. It will be a frustrating day for the President/ruler.

Thursday the 13th is a calmer day. Sun is approaching the opposition to Jupiter, as Venus is making a sextile to Mercury. A sense of optimism can rule the day, but keep a sense of skepticism in your pocket. It would be a good idea to get together with friends tonight.

Friday the 14th begins with the Sun approaching Jupiter, a good and fortunate day. But don’t get carried away because at the same time there is another planetary picture which is not so pleasant. That planetary combination is Saturn + Uranus = Mars. If you are taking a road trip make sure your car is in tip-top condition, especially the brakes, tires and oil change. The planetary picture of the day is Mercury + Uranus = Mars=2 0+ Saturn. This means that all four planets share the same midpoint. If you’re not careful a road accident could be fatal especially if talking on the phone or texting. If you’re aware of the warning you could have a great evening because the day ends with an exact Sun opposite Jupiter. This means that the stock market could close up at the last minute.

Saturday the 15th, Sun will be 22 1/2° to Cupido, this would be a good day for a family gathering like a picnic at the beach. Jupiter + Admetos = Sun + Neptune, a good day for sand and sea. Whatever activities you share with friends or family, remember to keep it inexpensive and safe because the other planetary picture is Saturn + Pluto = Uranus, as Mercury + Uranus = Saturn + Mars. Don’t give into anger, and keep a close watch on your possessions. If not careful you could experience a sudden monetary loss.

Sunday the 16th is another day of leisure as Sun will be midpoint Jupiter and Neptune, at the same time Sun+ Venus = Mercury. This is a day of happy talk and positive thoughts. It is not often that we have nice days like this, so invite a friend or two, or three or more, over for cocktails.

Another Monday is here, but this Monday is different because it is August 17, 2009. The day begins with Mercury conjunct Saturn, bad news. Good for writing or serious thinking about your life situations. Uranus + Admetos = Vulcanus, Apollon, sudden violent eruptions on more than one level. Business dealings that looked prosperous a few months ago may fall apart now. Large companies with many branches, including some on foreign shores are doing well today. That does not mean they will tomorrow — as Jupiter moves away from the picture of Jupiter + 0 Cardinal = Apollon.

Source by Arlene Nimark

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