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Review Work At Home Jobs – Best Home Job

Something so simple as having and working the best home job ever can be a dream come true for many. So you think to yourself, how can a simple person like me get a dreamy job working from home? Let me take a few moments and share with you a very easy and fun position you can do from home earning an income.

This easy fun position I am talking about is one of the many ideas that I create and write down in my ideas book. I simply share them with others and some people take me up on it and work them to earn money. Most if not all of the ideas I share are home jobs that I start on my own and personally work them. This particular job I have done for a few people recently and have done very well with.

Have you ever heard of a classified ad site called; Craigslist? If you haven’t heard of it, this is an exceptional and exciting classified ad site that people can post their ads on and sell most anything they have around the house. This site is broken down into states in the USA and also scaled down further into cities. If I wanted to sell an item in my own city, I would go to then from there I would visit the city ad site where I live that would be listed there. At that point, I would post the ad in the category I wanted to sell. For instance, if I had a necklace to sell, I would place the ad in the Jewelry section. This site offers numerous sections such as; for sale, jobs, housing and services to name just a few.

There are many people in your city that don’t own a computer or the internet. They don’t realize that this site exists and they have lots of things that they want to sell but don’t know how. They only know of eBay and yard sales. Where this is where you come in to play. You offer people in your city a chance to help them sell their wares on Craigslist by taking photos of their items and then placing small ads for them. You place the ad with their phone number in the ad so the prospective client calls them directly to buy the item. You offer the seller a flat fee for each ad or an hourly rate. I did this for 2 different people I knew and charged them $10 per hour. It was great fun and they sold their things in no time! I also offered to place an ad for a friend to rent out their rental property. I placed the ad and within one week, the house was occupied thanks to me!

All you need to do to get started is tell your friends and family. You could easily create a great flyer about your service and place it around your neighborhood. In no time you will have several clients to help. This home job is truly a dream job come true because it is a win-win for all. You can offer a great service to others as well.

Source by Krystine Lewis

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