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Reincarnation Of Biblical Daniel At End Of The Days

Do you believe in angels, even incarnated angels? What about reincarnation, or modern prophets? This author is the historic reincarnation of Biblical Daniel, and an incarnated angel.

I am not a celestial angel in pure spirit, nor am I “half human” and “half angel,” but rather fully human and fully divine; in other words, Whole or WHOLE-y. I have attained to Oneness with Creator and divine Presence and now do divine will constantly, no longer driven by lusts and desires of the world and have overcome the attractions of the earth.

Now I am giving you the mysteries of the Incarnation of this incarnation of Daniel of the Bible, so that you may be educated about incarnated angelic humans. The celestial angel “Daniel” from the Bible existing in the heavenly realms began to descend, “fuse” or superimpose his angelic essence upon the author’s very body, mind and soul from 1999 onwards. That is, the full incarnation of angelic Daniel from the upper, unseen dimensions into and throughout my whole being.

This is opposed to someone who merely “thinks” he was some historic famous figure in a past life through a past-life memory or through hypnotic regression. Now, while the angelic Presence of this Daniel is somehow superimposed upon this body, his spirit also exists omnipresently in the higher dimensions, and can work around the entire planet even incarnating into multiple humans simultaneously.

Also gifted in this present incarnation is the “wisdom” and intellect Daniel of Old possessed, abilities of telepathy with humans and other “miraculous” gifts such as the ability to transfer the Holy Spirit to others and conscious weather modification under the inexplicable power of God.

Yes, understandably for most, this simply sounds too “out there” like some sensationalistic tabloid-like fiction or the product of a deluded, totally crazy character on the “Internet” or something seen or borrowed from a television program or Hollywood movie. Many believe suggesting angels of God incarnating on earth to be “blasphemous” and heretical.

Public interest in angels has made a significant increase in the past few decades in the West, often associated with spiritual movements such as “New Age.” Unfortunately, with all this interest has come much misinformation both about holy and so-called fallen angels, and incarnated earth angels. For most people the concept seems too much of a “fringe” topic. The result is much misinformation; too many are “armchair experts” on angels out there in the world.

Have you ever read the whole Bible, cover to cover? Ninety percent of Christians have not. If you have, you will have read the Genesis account of the “Sons of God” who supposedly “came down from heaven” in order to marry and have sex with the fair women of earth, and have children.

The offspring of these Watchers were called Nephillum – the so-called “fallen angels” that so many are terrified about – driven by religious paranoia and heresy-hunting by many fundamentalist types who seem to give more power to the “devil” than they do God the Creator. These angels mentioned therein were embodied physically, were male in gender and had functioning sex organs with semen just like the average human male.

Why is it that the vast majority of New Age paintings of angels tend to be of women? The vast bulk of Biblical accounts of angels were male. But in nature, most angels are androgynous in character, having both a balanced male and female attribute about them.

Did you know there’s an ancient Christian scripture called the Book of Enoch, which was considered scripture at the time of the New Testament and was directly quoted from many who wrote the Holy Bible, which describes “fallen angels” incarnating as humans? The Church Fathers removed this scripture from the New Testament canon because they perceived it to be “heretical.”

Most humans, of course, are totally ignorant about the realities of angels, both celestial and incarnated, holy and fallen, so it is my hope to educate you as to these realities. Unfortunately there exists so much misinformation about “fallen angels” that it is hard sift through all the overwhelming religious nonsense and misinformation regarding this matter.

Naturally, many first coming across this writing will blasphemously accuse 21st century Daniel of being a “fallen” angel because he is in human form and somehow therefore “evil” etc. This ignorance comes from the fact that there does not exist much quality, mainstream information concerning the rare angels who do incarnate on earth.

Now, contrary to what many if not most Christians believe whole-heartedly, I am going to tell you the truth about the “devil” or “Satan.” The fact is, no one has ever seen a big, bad boogey man named Satan or Lucifer, ever. This is because there does not exist any Satan/devil commonly portrayed as some all-powerful force continually fighting against God, holy angels and humans, somehow supernaturally causing all the problems of the world and forcing people to be “led astray” from Jesus, the Bible, or God, etc.

I have read more than 500 Near Death Experience accounts of people who have clinically died, have seen the Other Side for themselves and returned to tell about it. The revelation of the modern NDE simply blows away and trumps what little was written in the “Holy Bible” or Quran concerning the afterlife, realities of soul reincarnation, and God. Keep in mind that while the Bible may be a great book with many divine truths, it is not Daniel’s ultimate authority.

Of all these NDE accounts the author has read, not ONCE has any fallen angel or devil-Satan appeared to anyone! Yet they do see God, holy angels, spirit guides and dead relatives, etc. all the time. I’ve had an NDE myself in 1991. The reason no one has ever seen a supposed “devil” is because Satan simply does not exist – period. The devil is a mythological character invented by humans and used for a scapegoat.

Naturally most of you at least those who call themselves Christian will feel offended and your belief systems challenged – threatened – by this proclamation from Daniel, because, after all, most mainstream churches, priests and pastors teach the existence of such an entity, as if it were fact. Prophets have a tendency to challenge the mainstream status-quo and restore divine reality as it was meant to be.

Do you not realize that the concept and teaching of this “Satan” has kept the Church in business all these years? Without some all-evil force to blame every “evil” act on that occurs throughout the world, Christianity as a religion would fall apart no longer a valid theology to follow or blindly believe in.

Now, this “Satan” is only mentioned three times in the Old Testament and in the book of Job he was actually doing God’s will!

The concept of an all-powerful, omnipresent, evil devil fighting against God and humans originated from Zoroastrianism in the fifth century B.C. The New Testament writers borrowed their “Satan” concept from these old scriptures and used the concept of a devil to blame all their persecutions on from evangelical work in spreading the gospel.

The devil was not mentioned by Daniel of old in the Bible, nor does he teach the concept in the 21st century at his historic return.

As angels always have to say to humans,

“Do not be afraid!”

See Author’s website for more information.

Source by Daniel Eli

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