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JobsforMom – Is it Worth It?

Moms earning a living from their very own homes present a significant part of the work at home population today. Being a work at home mom isn’t as easy as it sounds since it certainly involves a constant balancing act between finding sufficient time and opportunities for the kind of work that you do and your responsibilities as a parent. These moms would certainly appreciate finding the right kind of job opportunity that would go well with their parenting obligations at home. Thus there is an obvious need for a dedicated resource site for work at home moms. Is the WAHM (Work at Home Mom) resource site known as JobsforMom up for such a task? Let’s take a look.

At first glance, the website for JobsforMom does appear to be a good resource for any work at home mom out there. Its home page features various categories which includes online businesses, home businesses, home based business opportunities, work at home business and Internet businesses. It also includes a short summary of each program and site involving each business or work opportunity as well as links for more information on how to generate an income online and home based jobs.

One great thing about JobsforMom is that it does not require any registration or fees in order for you to start using it. It is completely free however this does not apply to the job listings or business opportunities posted on this site which may require usage fees or upfront investments before you could actually gain access to them.

In terms of function, JobsforMom basically operates like a customized search engine except that the search results are financed by specific sponsors. Having mentioned that, this presents some limitations about the productivity of using this particular site for seeking viable home based job opportunities for moms although it’s certainly suitable enough to be considered as a starting point. We also found a couple of invalid and outdated links which led to page errors although a majority of its links does appear to be up to date. One notable downside though is that some of its links seems to direct its users to unhelpful or unrelated information and needs considerable improvement in this regards. For instance, I’ve found that when you click on the link for “Franchise Opportunities” it seems rather strange that it takes me to a page about barbecue chicken recipes.

Despite its name, I would say that JobsforMom does not only cater to moms seeking viable job opportunities they could do from the comfort of their own homes. The information and business or work opportunities listed on the website applies to just about anyone who would find an interest in them. It seems that it’s name was merely intended to captivate the attention of work at home moms which again represents a significant population of those seeking out business or work at home opportunities that they can work on from the comfort of their own homes.

However, you need to keep in mind that JobsforMom does not endorse any of the job or business opportunities listed on its site. Moms seeking opportunities for work at home jobs are advised to look up and research particular listings in order to verify is legitimacy and viability. Having mentioned that the opportunities listed here are not really specific to work at home jobs alone, work at home moms may want to extend their search further from this site and use it as a starting point in their efforts to seek out the most viable work at home jobs or business opportunity that they may want to get into.

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