Opera Atelier: Infection Control Coordinator (Rehearsal/Theatre Setting)

Job title: Opera Atelier: Infection Control Coordinator (Rehearsal/Theatre Setting)


Job description: Position: Infection Control Coordinator

Reports to: Director of Production and the Opera Atelier Health and Safety Committee

Please note this is a short-term contract position, approximately 150 to 175 hours Sept/Oct 2020.

A unique opportunity for a health care or health and safety professional to work in a performing arts setting with a leading opera/ballet company. The Infection Control Coordinator works closely with the Director of Production and Production Stage Manager to guide and supervise the health and safety protocols, expectations and processes in relation to Opera Atelier’s pandemic response. The contract includes policy review/implementation, overseeing of rehearsals and performances to protect the health and safety of our artists and staff, communication duties, and supervising sanitizing of rehearsal spaces for our Fall Production.

The contract will include one week of remote work, focusing on training and familiarization with Opera Atelier’s workplace policies, including the Health and Safety Policy/Safe Reopening Guide, one week of mixed remote work and onsite preparation and two weeks of full-time hours on location in the rehearsal hall and performance venue. The Infection Control Coordinator is required to be present for rehearsals/performance, including evenings and weekends.


Communication Duties

  • Review OA’s Safe Reopening Guide and make recommendations for edits
  • Review rehearsal planning/scheduling with Production Stage Manager to maximize safety
  • Stay up to date on all COVID-19 related government and public health advisories and inform artists and upper management as applicable, ensure the Opera Atelier policy is always up-to-date with any new developments put in place by government or public health bodies
  • In advance of rehearsals, ensure all artists have received advance notice of the recommended guidelines and craft any relevant and required email newsletters including updates and resources
  • During rehearsals, ensure artists are following all recommended guidelines (social distancing, face covering, regular and thorough hand washing, sanitizing/disinfecting and avoid touching faces)
  • Observe rehearsals and assess risks as they arise throughout the rehearsal process and address sanitary practices to ensure precautions are being taken
  • Observe rehearsals and daily schedules to develop a comprehensive understanding of artists working in close contact as it relates to contract tracing.
  • Craft and maintain a disinfection checklist
  • Ensure posters are prominently displayed and any notices are placed on the callboard (eg: hand washing, good respiratory hygiene, physical distancing, screening questionnaires, etc.)
  • Work with Stage Management to advise on risk mitigation based on the hierarchy of controls (elimination, substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls, PPE)
  • Work with Elgin stage door personnel to ensure proper screenings are administered and physical distancing is practiced in the elevator
  • Advise artists on protocol if they are feeling ill and follow reporting procedures, including notices of infectious disease emergency leave
  • Advise Stage Management on protocol for safe and sanitary show running procedures (to be implemented by theatre crews)
  • Communicating and reporting as needed to Health and Safety Committee

Administrative Duties

  • Prepare the rehearsal hall, in collaboration with Director of Production and Production Stage Manager to ensure social distancing is implemented (eg: arranging workspace layout to minimize physical contact, printing and posting relevant materials, mark and allocate spaces for personal belongings, etc.)
  • Track and reconcile material expenses related to purchasing and restocking of infection control materials (eg: hand sanitizer, tissue paper, disposable masks).
  • Produce an archive binder of all relevant contact tracing information to be kept on file for one month following the end of rehearsals. This includes but is not limited to, disinfection checklists, screening questionnaires, contact information, daily schedules (produced by Stage Management) and back-to-work medical certificates
  • Monitor all people for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Determine, in collaboration with the Director of Production and Executive Director if an artist or patron may safely enter the work/event space when there is a health concern.

Sanitation and Cleaning Duties

  • Work with Stage Management to develop plans and protocol for the disinfecting of props, floor mopping and allocating space for each person’s personal belongings and rehearsal wardrobe.
  • Work with Elgin & Koerner Hall facility management to ensure all touch points are disinfected on schedule and disinfect touch points as needed throughout the day (eg: following meal breaks).
  • Work with Elgin & Koerner Hall facility management to ensure soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers are always stocked and alert them if garbage bins need emptying
  • Supervise the sanitizing, disinfecting and mopping of the floor in coordination with Stage Management and Facility Management, especially shared items that do not fall under stage management or facilities jurisdiction (eg: Pens, tables, microwaves, piano, remote controls, etc.)
  • Reminding artists to ensure cups/glasses/dishes/cutlery are thoroughly cleaned using soap and warm water immediately after each use.
  • Ensure infection control materials are readily available and used regularly (eg: Hand sanitizer, tissue paper and disposable face coverings).
  • Other duties as required.


  • 1 – 3 years of experience in healthcare or in a health and safety related field, or a combination of education and experience
  • Knowledge of workplace health and safety issues
  • Occupational Health and Safety Degree, Diploma or Certificate or CRSP would be an asset
  • Bachelors of Science degree in Health or allied Health Sciences, or recognized equivalent would be an asset
  • Experience in Infection Prevention and Control would be an asset
  • Ability to be on location and on call for extended hours during rehearsal period, as well as evenings/weekends
  • Detail-oriented and highly organized with the ability to multi-task
  • Competency in Microsoft Office programs
  • Strong initiative and self-motivation with excellent problem-solving skills
  • Excellent leadership and conflict resolution skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Calm and collected demeanor even in high pressure situations
  • Proven diplomacy when working with multiple stakeholders


Contract Compensation: $7,500 total for remote prep and onsite work; approximately 150 to 175 hours total. As a contract position, the Contractor is responsible for the remittance of any applicable taxes.

Key dates required are as follows:

Pre-Planning Weeks: A flexible week (remote) to review policies and advise creative team & a week partially on site to advise during Stage Manager prep week October 5-10.
Load-in the Elgin Studio Rehearsal Hall Toronto (On Location): October 5

Elgin Rehearsal Weeks (On Location): October 14-26 (exact hours tbd)

Koerner Hall Load in (On Location): October 27

Koerner Hall Performance (On Location): October 28
Note: Other date/times may be required; these are the known load-in/strike dates.

Opera Atelier is committed to ensuring that members of equity seeking communities have equitable access to employment. We are committed to maintaining an environment where all individuals are treated with dignity and respect and are free from all forms of discriminatory treatment, behavior or practice.

Interested candidates are invited to email a resume, cover letter, and a list of references by

September 25, 2020 to:

Zach Bruman, Director of Production

We thank all applicants for their interest in Opera Atelier. Only those chosen for an interview will be contacted. Note that interviews may start before the closing date.

Expected salary: $7500 per month

Location: Toronto, ON

Job date: Sat, 12 Sep 2020 06:58:34 GMT

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