Marine Technician – Navy Reserve

HMCS Unicorn

Job title: Marine Technician – Navy Reserve

Company: HMCS Unicorn

Job description: HMCS UNICORN is Saskatoon’s Naval Reserve Division, offering part-time and full-time summer employment as part of the Royal Canadian Navy. We provide an excellent opportunity for students looking to supplement their income during the school year. We work one night per week and one Saturday per month, September through April. We offer full time employment opportunities during the summer months, May through August, depending on ones availability. Join the Naval Reserve if you have an interest in the marine environment, pride yourself as a Canadian, want to contribute to your community, and most of all, have a fun and unique experience! There is also no minimum obligation of service to the Naval Reserve.

Marine Technicians operate and maintain highly technical propulsion, mechanical and power generation systems, enabling Royal Canadian Navy warships to float, move and fight.

The primary responsibilities of Marine Technicians are to operate all marine systems engineering equipment onboard ship, troubleshoot failures, advise command on limitations and repair as required to restore system function. They execute and track maintenance schedules to keep the ships engineering equipment in prime condition. They respond to emergencies as the onboard experts in firefighting and damage control, including helicopter crash rescue. They are the ships metal workers and carry out burning, welding and machining.

Command relies on the Marine Technicians in-depth knowledge of many different systems on board the ships.

– Be 16-56 years of age (parental consent required under 18)
– Be a Canadian Citizen
– Completed grade 10 high school education

Benefits include:
– University reimbursement program ($2000/year up to a max of $8000, no obligations of service after)
– Travel opportunity across Canada
– Flexible schedule

Expected salary: $96.06 per day

Location: Saskatoon, SK

Job date: Thu, 10 Sep 2020 00:46:31 GMT

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