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Job title: Lake Louise Professional Photographer 2020

Company: Banff Photography

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Company Introduction: Banff Photography is a leading provider of professional and attraction photography services in the Canadian Rockies. Below is a summary of the locations and services we own and operate:

1. Ba​nff Photography at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise: Banff Photography is the only photography services company with a permanent office at the Chateau. From our office we provide professional portrait services, scheduled photo walking tours, private photo lessons, tour group photography and professional event photo journalism services.

2. Banff Photography at the Lake Louise Canoe Docks: This attraction photography services site is located at the Lake Louise Canoe Rental facility. Here we capture, present and sell photographs of visitors as they embark on a canoeing experience. This seasonal location runs June to October.

Lake Louise Professional Photographer Job Description

As a Professional Photographer, you are responsible for capturing, presenting, selling and printing images of visitors to the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. These images vary in composition and theme considerably. They may include, but are not limited to:

1. Candid indoor and outdoor portraits,

2. Formal indoor and outdoor portraits (including weddings and engagements),

3. Photographs of visitors/guests participating in resort activities,

4. Tour group photography, and

5. Photo-journalism of events taking place at the hotel.

Some of our services are performed for customers who have engaged our services, and some of our photography work is speculative. Therefore, our photographers will be required to proactively engage visitors professionally. Shy photographers will not succeed in this role. Successful photographers are outgoing and theatrical. They love being in front of people, and they love capturing the perfect natural expression of guests enjoying the Rocky Mountains.

Our Professional Photographers also execute scheduled photo walking tours and will conduct private photo lessons.

Living and working in Lake Louise is an extraordinary experience. Recreational and photographic opportunities abound just outside our doorstep, and you will be working alongside others who are passionate about photography.

Compensation includes:

1. A base wage of $17.00/hour.

2. 4% Vacation pay.

3. Performance based commissions

4. Subsidized staff accommodation

Please be advised that our photographers must adhere to the Professional Appearance Policies followed by front line Fairmont hotel staff.

Our Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise associates take advantage of the SHARED housing and CAFETERIA meal services provided by Fairmont.

The accommodation cost per associate is $14.65 per day for a SHARED room. Single rooms are NOT available. This amount is payroll deducted based on the number of days in the pay period. Please be advised that a damage deposit of $150 will be collected by Fairmont upon moving into Fairmont staff residence. This amount will be returned to the associate upon the successful completion of a move out inspection.


To be considered for a professional photographer, you must be able to demonstrate the following:

1. One year of professional portrait experience with families and couples, preferably in a “non-studio” setting. (A portfolio with examples of your work will be requested)

2. Expert knowledge of 35mm DSLR camera systems,

3. Expert knowledge of using natural light with fill flash,

4. Expert knowledge of digital post production techniques using the Adobe suite of applications, and

5. Experience working in front line customer focused roles.

Our professional photographers work outside 99% of the time. Being able to walk with camera gear for over an hour on uneven terrain and in a variety of weather conditions, sometimes unpleasant, is a necessity.

It is important to understand that we are in the people photography business. We require our photographers to be professional and FUN! Most of our work is executed using a “play book” consisting of set locations and set compositions. Our photographers do not control these locations and compositions, but they do control our customers expression. Shy photographers who “hide” behind the camera will not succeed. We expect our photographers to be larger than life and engage our customers. Speaking to them confidently and professionally all the time.

For more information about how we shoot, please see the below guide we send to our clients:

Expected salary: $17 per hour

Location: Lake Louise, AB

Job date: Thu, 06 Aug 2020 02:45:56 GMT

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