C Magazine Associate Editor

Job title: C Magazine Associate Editor


Job description: Expected start date: November 1, 2020
Job Type: Part-time, 1-year contract, renewable
Time Commitment: 24 hours per week (Monday-Friday; Flextime), plus increased commitment during production (3x year)
Salary: $32,000.00 per year, plus 3 weeks vacation
Location: Toronto, Canada (working remotely is supported)

The Associate Editor contributes significantly to the production of each issue from development, commissioning, editing, and proofing to the final press proof. They work closely with the Editor (and occasionally, Guest Editors) to shape the magazine’s content and associated educational programs in accordance with the magazine’s established mandate and evolving artistic vision, and with the Executive Director and Publisher to support publishing and development. The Associate Editor reports to the Editor and is responsible to the authority of the Board of Directors of C The Visual Arts Foundation. As a key public representative of C Magazine, the Associate Editor aims to expand historical, social, cultural, and theoretical understandings of contemporary art and its discourses in local, national, and international contexts.


Editorial Program

  • To work closely with the Editor to ensure that C Magazine realizes its mandate and editorial goals, and to contribute to their further development.
  • To collaborate with the Editor to conduct research, and develop the theme, call for proposals, and table of contents for each issue in adherence with the production schedule, editorial budget and editorial structure.
  • To provide substantive edits for articles, as directed by the Editor, and to maintain records pertaining to each one, including contact information, fees, deadlines, and potential images.
  • To correspond with contributors as necessary to solicit, communicate fees, develop, and prepare texts for publication.
  • To provide opinions on texts commissioned by other editors, upon request.
  • To ensure final edited texts are delivered to the Editor to a high standard.
  • To provide feedback on and/or co-write the Editorial note.
  • To review the magazine galleys, to ensure an accurate presentation of the aforementioned texts and images.
  • To attend monthly all-staff meetings and 3x annually Editorial Advisory meetings, in person or online, to receive community input on upcoming themes and commissions.
  • To actively mentor the emerging talent they work with.
  • To contribute to the development of the magazine’s network of contributors and community contacts.
  • To contribute to the programming and presentation of public programs related to magazine content.
  • To supervise editorial interns, as necessary.
  • To obtain images; negotiate reproduction permissions, rights, and fees; and, edit captions according to the C Magazine Living Style Guide, as necessary.
  • To administer contributor contracts and mailing address forms, as necessary.
  • To transcribe audio files or otherwise prepare such files for use as text, as necessary.
  • To provide editorial support and contribute to the artistic components of fundraising initiatives and grant applications, as necessary.

Audience Development and Public Representation

  • To support, promote, and expand the public profile of C Magazine at a local, national, and international level.
  • To act as an ambassador for the organization within established and growing networks of independent contemporary art spaces and publications.
  • To draft abstracts, press releases, newsletters, and other communications content, and provide editorial support as necessary towards the circulation of C Magazine content.

Staff, Volunteer and Contributor

  • ​To maintain a professional atmosphere in accordance with the Ontario Code of Human Rights, and adhere to C’s Accessibility and Equity Policies at


Requirements: Education and Experience

  • Master’s degree in art history, critical and curatorial studies, or closely related fields; or equivalent qualifications, education, and experience relevant to the role.
  • Minimum 3 years of writing experience and 3 years of editing experience (which may be concurrent), mainly related to contemporary art and related practices (a combination of academic, journalistic, professional, independent, and/or peer-to-peer are acceptable).
  • Experience working collaboratively, enthusiastically, respectfully, and sensitively as part of a creative team.
  • Experience developing fruitful working relationships with writers, artists, and other art world peers in Canada; connections to international networks are considered an asset.
  • Experience commissioning contemporary art writing for publication in any format is considered a major asset.

Skills and Knowledge Requirements

  • Superior writing, substantive editing, and line editing skills.
  • Extensive knowledge and active engagement with contemporary Canadian and international art discourses, in a range of disciplines.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Demonstrable ability to conduct research, conceptualize, and execute ideas within an editorial framework—creatively, innovatively, receptively, and resourcefully.
  • Demonstrable ability toassess pitches and texts submitted for publication in a contemporary art context.
  • Astute awareness of editorial ethics, journalistic integrity, industry standards, and the politics of language.
  • Advanced organization skills, with proven ability to self-motivate and meet numerous overlapping deadlines.
  • Proactive engagement with anti-oppressive practice and theory, including training and applied experience.
  • Computer skills for an MS Office, Adobe, Dropbox and Google Suite environment.
  • Experience in oversight of staff or volunteers is an asset.
  • Experience in conflict resolution is considered a major asset.
  • Knowledge of The Chicago Manual of Style and The Canadian Press Stylebook is considered a major asset.

Additional Requirements

  • Available to attend occasional evening meetings, and events as needed.
  • Ability to work effectively in a remote environment.
  • Responsible, accountable, reliable, tactful, and discerning.
  • Positive and professional, with an engaged, hands-on, and constructive approach.
  • A demonstrable interest in advancing the mission of C Magazine and keenness to represent us in your communities.

Expected salary: $30000 – 35000 per year

Location: Toronto, ON

Job date: Mon, 07 Sep 2020 22:58:48 GMT

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