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How to Start a Duct Tape Wallet Business – The Basics of Shipping

“Yeah, and I need the wallet Overnighted.”

Everybody wants their stuff yesterday until they find out how much it it going to cost to make things happen in their royal time frame.

As I write this article in 2010, having a duct tape wallet shipped overnight in the mainland U.S. or Canada is going to cost approximately Eighty U.S. dollars or about four times the retail value of the wallet. Somebody would need to own a duct tape wallet pretty bad in order to pay a “C Note” (one hundred dollars) for one of these babies…

Shipping Is An Odor That Lingers

Many folks (especially salespeople) forget that a sale is not legitimate until the customer accepts and RETAINS the purchased item, none of which can occur until you have made arrangements for the goods to be delivered.

To that end, here are a couple of concepts which can dramatically influence the effect of your shipping policy:

  • Control Your Customer’s Expectation – this advice may sound a bit like cheating but I recommend telling customers that it will take longer than it actually will for them to receive their goods so you set their expectation at one level and then automatically exceed it. While this takes some finesse, it is not very difficult to accomplish because few folks are trying to exceed customer expectations in the first place!
  • Box Like You Have Golden Gloves – quality products that arrive damaged tend to make the recipients ill. No one likes to see good stuff wrecked but the double edged sword of packaging weight and packaging integrity make this a difficult call. Simply ensuring your wallets are protected with a layer of paper wrapping inside the shipping envelop will eliminate potential damage from friction and handling.
  • Learn Maximum Sizing – Canada Post uses a plastic template with a slot in it to determine if packaging conforms to a regular size. To qualify for letter size the envelop needs to be no larger than 15″ x 101/2″ by 3/4″ wide and less than 1.1 pounds in weight. We can fit three wallets into this size of bubble wrap envelop which reduces the shipping cost by 50% of what we would normally pay to ship as a package.

Examples of 2010 Canadian Shipping Costs

If you are shipping across international borders you need to consider customs and brokerage fees as well as the delay enhanced security checks sometimes take. All this can be handled efficiently and cost effectively through any major carrier like UPS, FedEx or DHL.

Here are a couple of actual costs to ship wallets around the world.

  • One wallet (Canada Post) – $ 2.75 arrives 4 – 6 business days
  • Three wallets (Canada Post) – $4.75 – arrives 4 – 6 business days
  • One wallet (Canada Post Registered) – $17.00 – arrives 4 – 6 business days
  • Six wallets (Canada Post) – $18.35 – arrives 4 – 6 business days
  • One wallet (UPS Overnight) – $79.90 – arrives by 4 pm next day

Ship, Ship, Let Her Rip!

Nobody should be afraid of shipping today because most freight companies have simplified their technology to the mom and pop level of understanding.

Today it is possible to sell anywhere in the world with the confidence that you can get your wallets to wherever they are desired for a very reasonable cost.

Here’s hoping you stick to it!

Thank you, friend.

Barry Williams

Source by Barry L Williams

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