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How to Make a Guy Want You After Rejection? Amazing Ways to Hook Him Back Almost Instantly

When a man rejects you, you feel that that is the end of the line for you. But this doesn’t have to be so. If you want to make a guy want you after rejection here are the things that you will need to do.

Keep no contact with him

When you want to get a guy back after getting rejected by him then you have to first cut him out of your life. If you try to rationalize and try to get him back you will fail miserably. You have to stop all contact with him so that he gets to miss you and understand how good he had it with you.

Analyze the cause of the break up

A little bit of self introspection will make you see why your man actually rejected you. Look deep within yourself to see if you scared him off, were unreasonable or were there any other reasons that prompted him to make that move. Once you understand the reason you can bring around the necessary change.

Don’t go into hibernation

You do need to give yourself time to heal but do not impose an exile on yourself. If you go into hibernation then you will not be able to make the right moves and get your man back in your life. Live it up a little. Get back into the social scene, look better than before and make you man take notice of you.

Bump into your man

Set a decoy to run into your man casually. When your man sees you after a long time he begins to feel nervous and uncomfortable. This will be your chance to show him what you really are made up of.

Keep things casual and civil

Don’t ignore your man when you want him back. Acknowledge him and go up and chat with him like nothing transpired. He will try to talk about it but you must make him feel that you have moved beyond that. When he sees how mature you are being and how easily he has been forgiven and forgotten his ego will make him want to connect with you again.

Build your bridges

Now will be the time to make amends. Get to becoming friends once again. Don’t hint at anything romantic and your man will go out of his way to woo you back.

Don’t look desperate for a relationship

It is of crucial importance that you make your man feel that you are not romantically interested in him and are moving on. When he sees this he will want you more.

Source by Krista Hiles

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