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Her Most Famous Installation (Cirque, CIRQUE) – Judy Pfaff

“Cirque, CIRQUE,” one of the most eye-catching artwork at the Philadelphia Convention Center, created in 1995, vouches for the notorious artist Judy Pfaff. Born in London in 1946, she moved to the US in her childhood. She did her BFA from Washington University in 1971 and MFA from Yale University in 1973. Judy was honored with doctoral degree from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, in 1999. As an artist, ‘Installation Art,’ is her area of expertise since last 25 years.

Her most iconic and important commission, “Cirque, CIRQUE” (250′ x 210′ x 40′), is made from stainless steel, automobile paint, aluminum, primer, glass, & cable, utilized over a huge span of 70,000 square feet. The blue and yellow shaded glass spheres, set like jewels at the ceiling of New York’s Grand Central station, inspired and touched Judy’s heart for her unique installation “Cirque, CIRQUE.” Judy’s installation is decorated with gold & blue aluminum lines that twinkle, modest flourish, and metal works. This reflects her exceptional ability to establish her superb innovations and creations into wide spaces.

Pfaff’s biggest and one of the most eyeball popping work until date, “cirque, CIRQUE” is actually a nine miles of metal tubing, spread across 700,000 square feet of space. Its Glass globes twinkle to fancy attention. The installation as a whole imparts a feel of some sci-fi adventure in space. “Cirque, CIRQUE” framework is suspended from the 100-foot ceiling of the shell of the old Reading Terminal. Shining lines of gold and blue aluminum, metal coils expanding and contracting like tentacles, and small shimmering designs, all blend for a magnanimous effect. The installation is like a world of innate wonder, enveloped in huge steel rods, plastics, and glasses, among many other objects.

“Cirque, CIRQUE” gives you a strong feel of being on an ocean bed, with light and life on land forming the layer far above, near the water’s surface. Pfaff’s work has always been full of life and meticulous, artistically carrying the essence of poetry and music, while being thoroughly logical and meaningful all along. Judy stays away from visual effects, while being inclined towards processes, owing to her following of ‘Post-Minimalism.’ She believes that “Looking at anything long enough, gives it meaning it doesn’t deserve.” With rock solid determination of executing ambitious and novel projects, Judy Pfaff leaves no stone unturned to kiss success with her creativity, diligence, and attention to meticulous details.

Along with the shining piece of Installation art, “Cirque, CIRQUE,” Pfaff has produced more than forty temporary and permanent installations since 1975. The sites of her work include the Whitney, Hirshhorn, St. Louis, Denver, Albright-Knox art museums, the 60th Venice Biennale, and the 24th Sao Paulo Biennale.

Source by Annette Labedzki

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