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Enlarge Your Penis With Penis Enlargement Exercises

Enlarge your penis with penis enlargement exercises. Every man in this world wants huge penis to drive her woman wild. To get big penis is every man’s dream. If you have big penis more girls will be interested in you to do sex with you. There are lot of pills sold online, there are lots of supplements sold online for the purpose of increasing your penis but only couple of them work and has side effects on other parts of your body. Exercises are a good way to get rid of small penis and get better big penis with more girth and harder erections. When we can get the results by exercise’s, then why to spend lots of dollars to get your job done. I myself used a penis enlargement exercise system which increased my penis size by 0.10inch in just two weeks and cost me $49 which was a fair deal. I will show you a couple of effective exercises which will help you to increase your penis size but remember you have to work consistently to get better results.

1. penis stretching:-
Stretch you penis in flaccid state. Firmly grip your penis head and slowly and carefully stretch your penis straight out at 90 degree angle away from your body. Stretch to its maximum length without your feeling any pain or discomfort. Stretch it out for five minutes. At the end of every minute, attempt to stretch the penis out by a little bit more if you can. Release your penis and take a one minute break. Swing your penis in circles for 30 or more times to get blood circulating again. Repeat the above whole process again but instead of stretching out your penis straight at 90 degree angle away from your body, repeat once for each of these positions: with the penis pointing downwards, upwards, to the left, and finally to the right. Lastly, stretch your penis straight out at 90 degree angle away from your body again for one minute. Then give your penis 10 light tugs in the same direction.

2. Hold your penis in flacid state at the back by making a ring like structure. Then squeeze at the end of penis and try to slide upwards with your ring structure of fingers towards penis head. When your ring structure of fingers reach at the head of penis, start with your another hand by doing same i. e., by making ring like structure at the end of penis and squeeze your penis and then while squeezing shift it towards the head of penis. Do this exercise by alternating your hands and do it continuously until you are done with 100-200 repetitions.

3. Kegel Contractions:-
Take your left hand fingers and try to press the area in between the scrotum (testicle sac) and the anus. For 3 minuets try to contract the anus and the muscles you would use to stop the flow of urine. Hold each contraction strongly for 10 seconds. This exercise works the PC muscle mostly; this is the muscle that controls premature ejaculation. The work also gets the IC and BC muscles. This exercise will also increase your ejaculation period and will let you enjoy the more time during sex.

These exercises will help you to achieve results but are time consuming and will take much time to get results. If you want to achieve results within weeks then check my resource box and follow the link. Upon clicking on that link you will know how to increase your penis by 1-4 inches within weeks.

These are only couple of exercise and to get rest of exercise with step by step actions to enlarge your penis just check my blog at

Source by Aishan Shabir Munshi

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