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5 New Exercises – Burn 20 Calories Per Minute – Look Out!

Do you struggle to stay slim?

If you answered “yes” you’re NOT alone. Most women struggle to maintain their desired body shape and prevent excess fat from forming particularly on their lower body, belly and arms.

If you’re like most women, you may look at naturally slender females with envy; and quite possibly a little bit of jealousy.

The big secret is the women who are at their ideal body weight and desired fat levels (like most celebrities for instance), know and apply a few key strategies that give them that slim, svelte figure.

But most of us don’t live in Hollywood.

Sadly most of us are genetically designed to gain fat easily.

Nature designed your bodies to have beautiful babies.

So I have figured out ways to get more done in less time, of course, we all realize that there are a ton of health benefits to exercise for longer, or more regularly than a measly 10 minutes 5x per week. That doesn’t mean that you can’t lose fat in this time period, though, and then become motivated to exercise more often.

Get motivated!

I guarantee you’ve got time for this, a small investment of your time here may just save a huge amount of your time later. So lets go through it.

Did you know a recent study done on hundreds of non-industry workers showed that we now have around 100 new chemicals in our blood that were not present 40 years ago?

This can trigger a condition called “estrogen dominance” which is known to cause a series of health issues in females, not the least including the accumulation of stubborn fat particularly on the hips, thighs and belly.

Even women who are considered slender can and often do have cellulite, so it’s not just an overweight woman’s issue. And that’s what makes it even more mysterious.

Bizarre chemicals trigger stubborn fat and cellulite to develop and flourish.

Is it any wonder you can’t burn fat and get rid of your cellulite efficiently after years of toxic build up?

What If I Told You That Weight Loss Is Easy, Takes Almost No Work, and you can get your ideal body in less time than it takes to shower each morning!

Fat loss, or weight loss, comes down to shifting your metabolism. Ideally, you shake it up just often enough for your body to think it needs to evolve to deal with its surroundings. Over time, it takes less and less to do something “different” and have your body react. In fact, I go many days doing about 75-90 seconds of exercise and “knowing” that I’m shedding fat more than I used to in 90 minutes of pouring sweat the whole time. It all comes down to my approach, and a choice between being “proactive” or “reactive” better spoken, it’s a commitment to follow a plan to exercise a certain way so I can eat what I want, or to eat a certain way so I don’t have to exercise much at all.

Either way, there’s very little involved, and you can get down to about 9.5% bodyfat using these exact techniques.

Follow These 3 Steps To ‘Switch’ Your Metabolism To “Flat Stomach Mode” and Stop Trying So Hard To Lose Fat Or Keep It Off:

Phase 1: Create Homeostasis

Place a new demand on your body and sustain it for 6 weeks, or the period of ‘plasticity’ after six weeks, there is an actual permanent representation of movement, habit, or pattern in your (grooves and ridges on your brain) representing this new habit or movement. After six weeks of “mixing it up” on your body and seeing a fat loss result, the best thing you can do is “maintain”.

Alternating “peak” periods and “maintenance” periods will simplify fat loss. Instead of experiencing rebound weight gain, you’re bound to stabilize with your increased metabolism, and then rise again; weight loss becomes much easier.

Phase 2: Break Homeostasis

When you want to create any reaction in your body, do something different. Your body adjusts quickly to any stress or demand placed upon it, so the last thing you ever want to do if you’re looking to lose weight is eat the same meal every day for lunch or do the same exercise routine when you go to work out. This may seem counter intuitive to you, but it’s true. If you want to lose fat, get your body screaming, “what’s going on?”

In a moment of weakness, your body strengthens, and if you change up your meals and workouts, your body will adapt and help you by losing weight.

Phase 3: Repeat/Lose Weight Faster Every Time

“Interval..train weight loss” by alternating intense periods of rapid weight loss with ‘rest’ periods of doing very little, if anything. After six weeks of pushing your body to new limits, enjoy it on a casual stroll every day and swing around some heavy weights for 60-90 seconds on two to three days per week. It really doesn’t take more, and you’ll be able to see everything you’ve ever looked for in your body. Get ready, because the game is about to change.

The fact is, I use this exact method to MELT Fat at the fastest speed I’ve ever seen. I’ve used this method with thousands of clients, and thousands of newsletter subscribers, and most importantly, it’s what I recommend to my closest friends and family when they ask me for weight loss advice. I challenge you to abandon disbelief and try this for yourself.

The problem is your body won’t look ‘right’ by simply losing weight, it’s important that you re-shape your body through proper fat loss methods. In recent months, science has proven that losing weight at a rate of 1-2 pounds a week doesn’t work without an inevitable plateau effect. If 1-2 pounds per week were an effective way to lose weight, you would have disintegrated within about a year, yes it’s untrue!

The best way to lose weight, or even better, lose body fat is by aggressively pursuing a rapid fat loss protocol. The goal shouldn’t be to slowly lose weight; instead, consider using ‘sprint’ periods for weight loss and fat loss goals. Follow these with ‘maintenance’ periods and you’ll witness a remarkable result. On the other hand, lose weight slowly and your metabolism will stabilize along the way, ultimately leading towards a slower effect over time.

As a graduate of Physical Therapy & Kinesiologist, I learned quickly that not ‘everything’ we learn in school is current and up-to-date. The foundation is great, but keeping an eye on what’s ‘actually working’ is even more important, that’s where clinical experience comes into play. I’ve taken 2 approaches to ensure the information you’re about to read is both based upon scientific fact, as well as clinical real-life outcomes:

1. I have studied at great universities to become an expert in the human body, as it relates to movement.

2. I have developed a network of other health professionals, and nutritionists that have helped me build a following of over 110,000 people to date — in fact, this article will be read by up to 12 million people as a result of this network — because the best health professionals in the industry believe in my ability to help you lose weight and get the body you deserve.

Your body is ridiculously important to me, as is your health.

But I must warn you, if you don’t abandon disbelief and just give this a try, you’ll never get there. Sure, you can find scientific resources that will disagree with me, and that’s fine. Science does an amazing job of exploring all sides of an argument, and then several years later, we come to a more formal conclusion. I’m letting you know I’ve read all of the contradicting studies, and I’ve tested the methods with real-life clients. So, the ball is in your court. With a bit of trust, you may reach your goals sooner.. besides, I am about to lay it all out for you, in full detail. Ready?

Step 1: Stop thinking about ‘fat content’ or “calories”.

Step 2: Exercise less, not more. Quality over quantity.

Step 3: Self-communicate – your body has no idea what you’re trying to do.



Ball Squats

Walking Lunges


Tricep Pulldowns

Shoulder Press

Shoulder laterals

Bicep Curls -dumbells


Dumbell press

Dumbbell or cable flys

BACK Back Extensions- pulldowns

Bumdell Upright Row

ABS Inclined Crunch with ball

Side Bends & stretches

** For the Phase 5 we do 30 second tempo training per body part non stop, and after 5 body exercises in a row we do 3 minutes high intensity cardio, stairs, elliptical or bike. Trick is to keep your heart rate at 90% maximum.

Note: Per set, per relevant exercise, record the amount of weight lifted and then, record the number of repetitions you complete.

Because when you do it again, you are in competition with yourself and want to increase the reps in the 30 second span.

Magnificent results will come your way!

And this is the style of Personal training for fat/weight loss I implement with my clients for them to change and sculpt their physiques. And feel more confident. Thank you

Source by Richard Stadnyk

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